My first attempt at a first-person shooter type game, “AmazeRun” is a simple 3D graphics engine I created over a six week period whilst I was recovering from a nasty motorbike accident.

With only some rudimentary knowledge and many previous hours of using GameMaker Studio to create simple platform games, I wondered about how I would go about creating a 3D world…

Realising that I couldn’t do much with the software user-interface I began to input code in to objects instead… Which is where I seemed to stay as GameMaker Studio isn’t what many game developers would think to begin a 3D project, let alone actually think that it is conceivable given the limitations of this particular software… But alas, I see a challenge!

I’ll be updating this post with the project source code in time, I am commenting on the framework before I publish it online so that you will be able to know why the madness of my method is or is not attributed to some kind of illness… Or lack thereof.