Lottery Number Finder

Stuck tirelessly trying to figure out random numbers to use that will make you the next winner of the lottery?! Need a break from working for life and dying alone in your own piss?! I GOT YOU!!

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With my trusty Lottery Number Generator you can simply smash a virtual button on your mobile device display, and out will pop a completely plausible digit that will probably be a part of a sequence of other numbers in both past and future winning lotteries! DON’T THANK ME!!

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“But Tom, I don’t use an Android mobile device, how can I get this app?!”

— I hear you cry!

… And to that I say;

You need Android in your life – go now and buy one – then come back here and click on this long and obvious link to the greatest app you will ever require to randomly spew numbers at you whilst you press on the giant button on your new phone, numbers that are by mathematical principle destined to win when placed in to a sequence corresponding to the organisation of those digits selected by the lottery.